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Through a grant from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation the Mobility Management program work with individuals, transportation providers and all persons impacted by access to and availability of transportation services in the region to design and implement a transportation delivery system that is based on the community’s mobility needs. The Mobility Manager facilitates partnerships among transportation providers, negotiates agreements between providers, and identifies opportunities to share resources, reduce costs and increase access and availability for transportation services.

Goals and Objectives

The primary goal of the Mobility Management is to improve mobility for seniors and individuals with disabilities by removing barriers to transportation services and expanding the transportation mobility options available. To accomplish this goal, Mobility Management:

  • Creates an inventory of transportation services
  • Establishes a local mobility network with regular meetings
  • Develops, maintains, and updates a regional coordinated mobility plan
  • Identifies unmet mobility needs in the region
  • Develops strategies to meet transportation needs by building coordination among existing public transportation providers and other transportation service providers to expand the availability of transportation services
  • Conducts outreach efforts that provide enhanced information about transit services

Link to the Oklahoma Mobility Management Plan