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The Ombudsman Program is a program that consist of ombudsman supervisors that advocate for Long-Term Care residents including nursing homes, assisted living, and residential care homes.

Ombudsman (Om budz men): Comes from a Swedish word meaning, “Representative of the People,” An official who investigates citizens’ complaints.

The long-term care Ombudsman is a person who receives complaints from residents of long-term care Facilities, their friends, relatives or agencies. The long-term care Ombudsman attempts to resolve those Complaints within the facility. The Ombudsman has the authority to explore problems and recommend corrective actions.

The SODA Area Agency on Aging Ombudsman Program is supported by local staff and volunteers committed to help improve the quality of life and quality of care available to long-term care facility residents. One goal of the Ombudsman Program is to have volunteers at each facility in the state to work with the facility and surrounding community. Training skills such as problem solving and communication are provided for volunteers by the ombudsman program. They also provide information about regulations, the process of aging, and long-term care facilities.