The substantial increases in COVID-19 cases in our region increases the risk of a total office closure if one of our staff becomes infected.

In order to reduce our risk of a mass exposure of SODA staff and to avoid the potential closing of the SODA offices, all SODA staff members have been assigned to one of three teams. The teams are organized mostly by department.

The three teams will enter into an A-B-C (1-2-3) rotation where every third working day one team will staff the offices. The other days of the rotation SODA staff will work from home (with the exception of some financial and administrative staff).

Although SODA is open for business and SODA staff are available Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, the SODA building will remained locked and guests must ring the doorbell and be admitted by a staff member.

SODA  recommends that its partners, clients, customers and vendors continue to do business with SODA staff by phone, teleconference or email until such time that COVID case numbers and the risk to COVID infection decrease and SODA re-opens its facilities.

COVID-19 Preparing for Spread