Please complete the following online survey. SCORTPO will consider your response in formulating its Long-Range Transportation Plan.


How often? *

What are your usual modes of transportation and how often do you travel? (Response required on all,)

Car (alone or with household members) *
Carpool with others *
Bus/Public transit *
Motorcycle *
Bicycle/Walk *
Wheelchair/Motorized scooter *

Please indicate how important each of the following transportation system components is to you. (Response required on all.)

Improve technology of signals *
Intersection improvements *
Pedestrian safety or access *
Maintenance improvments *
Bicycle safety or access *
More bus service/public transit *
Avalibility of passenger rail service
Connection to highways *
Maintenance of bridges *
Protecting the environment *
Condition of traffic signage *
Business connection to rail freight *
Provide a smooth driving surface *
Add shoulders on two-lane highways *
Improve existing roadways (reconstruct steep hills or sharp curves, etc.) *
Improve signs along existing roadways *

Which do you think should be a priority when government selects transportation projects for the county? (Response required on all.)

Supports economic development *
Improves safety *
Reduces congestion *
Bicycles lanes or facilities *
Improves pedestrian walkways *
Improves travel choices *
Improves freight movement *
Other (specify)

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