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PHIL POWELLRural Fire Defense Director


Goals of Fire Defense:

  • Minimize loss of life, property or natural resources due to uncontrolled fire
  • Assure service area fire protection coverage with maximum response time
  • Develop a fire safe public through fire prevention programs
  • Assure an adequate rural infrastructure
  • Assure and organized fire defense service
  • 122 Fire Departments in ten County area

Fire Defense Projects:

  • Assist Fire Departments to receive low cost Property and Casualty Insurance
  • Assist Fire Departments to receive free Worker’s Compensation Insurance
  • Establishing new community Volunteer Fire Departments
  • Administration of 80/20 Grants from the Department of Agriculture to provide equipment funding

Fire Defense Programs:

  • Assist Procurement of Federal Equipment
  • Technical Assistance
  • Training for Rural Fire Departments